April 2019

Holy Smokes! 4/20 is on a Saturday

4/20/2018 was great.The crowd was even bigger than last year's crowd so we gonna continue that tradition into 2019. 4/20...It's on a Saturday in 2019. Let's do it big Memphis We need vendors, artists, and musicians willing to come out for the cause. Are you interested in participating? Fill out the form below [...]

April 2018

Good Vibes in the Air This 4/20

Thank you to all that came out to Overton Park this Friday on 4/20. Our event was a success. No one was harassed or arrested by the police. We had two camera crews come out, including News Channel 3 that interviewed our Director of Patient Outreach, Anna Butler. We look forward to next years 4/20... it's on [...]

4:20 at 4/20

Join us again this year on 4/20! It's a Friday this year We will have our new banner up so you can find us Last year we set up under some shade trees, put out our banner, a local music group pulled their tent over and started beatboxing and slowly people came on by and [...]

March 2018

What are edibles?

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! NORML Memphis is bringing another educational meeting about edibles. What are edibles? Do they work? And more importantly, will the work for you? You got questions, we have answers! With so much misinformation out there it's hard to find the truth sometimes. Edibles are a great way to medicate as they [...]

February 2018

Rally For Cannabis TN in Nashville

Thank you to all those who made the trip to Nashville. It's always great coming together for the cause. Big shout out to Kat Clark of Green Cross TN for putting on such a great event. We met some other wonderful activists, had positive news coverage and even met with our representatives.

Rally For Cannabis TN

Share Costs and Ride with us the day before. https://normlmemphis.org/product/rally-ride-stay/ ****Everyone Please Read**** 1. Put on your Sunday best. This Rally is on the hill in Nashville and we want them to take us seriously. 2. If you have made an appointment with your representative be there early. 3. leave your cannabis at home. 4. [...]

January 2018

Pubic Meeting with Rally/Lobby Day Planning

The first meeting of 2018 We will give a brief status update on NORML Memphis, what we accomplished in 2017, and what is planned for 2018. Several advocacy groups, including NORML Memphis, will be taking part in the Rally for Cannabis on Tuesday, February 6th in Nashville. https://www.facebook.com/events/910245665805000/ The bulk portion of this meeting will [...]

The Numbers Don’t Lie

You may have noticed that a couple of marijuana bills have hit and that once again our state legislators will be debating the issue. We have Senator Yarbro's bill that justifies marijuana usage if you have one of the numerous listed medical conditions. We also have Representative Faison's highly anticipated Medical Cannabis Only Act, which [...]

December 2017

Holidaze Potluck

Do the holidays stress you out? Need a break from the in-laws? Join NORML Memphis and like-minded friends at our annual Holidaze Potluck Dinner, with special guest speakers, David Hairston and Matt Walczyk, from Safe Access Tennessee. They will be coming down from Nashville to give us an update on what is happening in [...]

August 2017

August Meeting

“Folks have been calling for a couple days.” That was one of the first sentences the manager at Jason’s Deli told me as I was setting up the meeting yesterday. Wow, Memphis a packed house! I cannot thank you enough for coming out and showing that kind of support. Who would have known that [...]

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