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July 2018

Know Your Rights

  July is the month we celebrate our Independence Day. While we celebrate the birth of our nation and all the freedoms we hold, cannabis is still illegal in Tennessee and many people’s lives are ruined and families are broken up . Even though over half the country calls medicine. Don’t be one of them [...]

July Raffle

July Raffle 1 Raffle Ticket 2.50 3 Raffle Tickets 5.00 All proceeds from the raffle will go to funding our Free The Leaf Billboard. Currently Up For Grabs: 3 sets up Knox CBD Lotion and bath soaks Set 1: 500mg CBD infused lotion 250 mg mint soak Set 2: 250mg CBD infused lotion 250 mg [...]

June 2018

Hydro at the Hi Tone

He's got that hydro! We all heard it but what does that really mean? You will hear police talk about higher potency and it's more dangerous because it's hydroponically grown. These are just scare tactics. When in fact hydroponics is an effective and clean way to grow medicine. Come see the difference between soil grown [...]

April 2018

Good Vibes in the Air This 4/20

Thank you to all that came out to Overton Park this Friday on 4/20. Our event was a success. No one was harassed or arrested by the police. We had two camera crews come out, including News Channel 3 that interviewed our Director of Patient Outreach, Anna Butler. We look forward to next years 4/20... it's on [...]

February 2018

Rally For Cannabis TN in Nashville

Thank you to all those who made the trip to Nashville. It's always great coming together for the cause. Big shout out to Kat Clark of Green Cross TN for putting on such a great event. We met some other wonderful activists, had positive news coverage and even met with our representatives.

January 2018

August 2017

August Meeting

“Folks have been calling for a couple days.” That was one of the first sentences the manager at Jason’s Deli told me as I was setting up the meeting yesterday. Wow, Memphis a packed house! I cannot thank you enough for coming out and showing that kind of support. Who would have known that [...]

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