There are several ways to get to the Mid-South Hemp Fest, including ways to leave your car off-site and avoid the traffic. Here’s all you need to know about getting to the festival.

On Saturday, April 20, 2019 beginning at 9am, the main park roads (with the exception of Morrie Moss) will move to a one-way clockwise traffic flow for the Mid-South Hemp Fest. See the map for details.

If you’re arriving by free shuttle:
Free shuttles sponsored by Tennessee Hemp Connection will run from 10 AM to 5:00 PM  with pickups approximately every 20 minutes:

  • The Overton Square garage at 2100 Monroe Avenue: Pickups will occur ON THE PLAZA on Trimble Place near the stage. Parking in the garage is free until 6:00 PM.

Shuttle Route Pickup and Drop Off Locations

If you’re arriving by bike:
There are permanent Explore Bike Share stations at East Parkway Pavilion and to the west of the Greensward, in front of Memphis College of Art.

If you’re arriving by car:
All vehicles will enter the park from either Poplar & Tucker to the south or Prentiss Place to the north. Veterans Plaza Drive will be exit-only for cars. Security will assist with turning onto Poplar Avenue. Vehicles entering at Poplar & Tucker will continue onto Morrie Moss and either travel north to the Zoo, or veer right (east) toward Veterans Plaza, the Greensward, Memphis College of Art, and other park amenities. Vehicles will exit the park from Veterans Plaza Drive, or may loop back on Golf Drive to turn left and exit at the light at Poplar & Tucker. Morrie Moss/Tucker St. will allow for two-way traffic from the Zoo entrance to Poplar Avenue, to allow Zoo visitors to exit the park.

Parking will be allowed on both sides of park roads on Veterans Plaza Drive and Golf Drive, with all parking facing the same direction. This means visitors will be allowed to parallel park on either side of the road without changing the direction of their vehicles. Parking will be allowed only on one side of Morrie Moss. Old Forest Lane will be closed to both traffic and parking.

Watch NORML Memphis Facebook and Twitter feeds for updates on the availability of parking, and be prepared to seek alternate parking locations once the park roads and parking lots are full