Hello Vendors!

We at NORML Memphis want to thank you for signing up to be a vendor for our Inaugural Mid-South Hemp Fest presented by Whatever Smoke Shops. We are sure you all are just as excited as we are.

I am sure you are wondering about load in and set up.  We just got the OK from the Overton Park Conservatory (OPC) to have access to the park the afternoon before for load in and set up for larger items. Security will be provided overnight.

You will be entering Overton Park from Poplar Ave.

On the park map the Greensward is marked “G”. It is near the Memphis Zoo for those from out of town.

To prevent a bottle-necking, security will block off Old Forest Lane at Veterans Plaza Drive. Only vendors will be allowed to enter via Old Forest Lane. Check in with security and they will direct you through the cones.

There are no vendor credentials, just let the guard know what company you are with.


You will be directed to park alongside Old Forest Lane.  Proceed to unload your vehicle and then move your vehicle off Old Forest Lane and find parking nearby on the side of Veterans Plaza Drive. If you have a disability that prevents walking please notify us in advance that way, we can make sure you have a spot close by. We will have golf carts on Friday and Saturday to help with load in.

Friday Load In:

Friday, April 19th 5pm – 7pm

Load In:

Saturday, April 20th 6am- 8am

Every festival there are always early birds, so let’s try to have the booths ready to go by 9 am.  If you ordered any additional equipment they will be at your booth when you arrive.

Clean Up/Load Out: 5:00pm

Please wait until the festival is over before you start packing up, you have plenty of time to make it to the after party at the HiTone at 8pm.

Food Trucks will be in the turnaround parking lot of the Rainbow Lake Playground. You will check in with security at Veterans Plaza Drive and Old Forest Lane and they will let you in.

One of our goals is to leave the park better than when we arrived so PLEASE clean up around your space before heading out.

To help with the cleanup process, we will have trashcans provided by Memphis City Beautiful and a dumpster provided by “Bin There Dump That”. Recycling will also be provided in efforts to make this festival more environmentally friendly.

The forecast looks good for April 20th but remember this is a rain or shine event.

In Kind,

NORML Memphis Board