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With several Republican introducing medical bills and a Democrat introducing a recreational bill in Tennessee, it is time to make our voices heard.

On Tuesday, March, 12th we will meet on the steps of the capitol building and bring this issue to the doorsteps of our elected officials.

We will start meeting at 930 with the Rally kicking off at 10. We will go for 4 hours and then head to our scheduled meetings with our officials to talk about cannabis reform.

1. Put on your Sunday best. This Rally is on the hill in Nashville and we want them to take us seriously.
2. If you have made an appointment with your representative be there early.
3. Leave your cannabis at home.
4. If you need to smoke a cigarette, please be courteous and step away from the crowd.
5. Do Not Block Traffic. Do Not Block Doorways!
6. We will be out there from 10 am to at least 2 pm. There are two entrances to the building. We need to be at both. One entrance is on 5th Ave N. One is on 6th Ave N. It is across the street from Nashville Municipal Auditorium. (Organizers will be there at 9:30)
7. We will be there rain or shine, so stay tuned for a weather update.
8. Metered parking is free if you have a handicapped placard or tag. There are lots of garages nearby.
9. If you are going in the building, you have to have a valid ID and you will have to go through a metal detector.
10. Signs must stay outside, you can leave your sings with other activists.

We are going to The Hill in Nashville to show our support for the upcoming cannabis bills.

As introduced, decriminalizes the possession of less than one ounce of marijuana
SB0256 – Senator Sara Kyle (D)
HB0235 – Representative Gloria Johnson (D)

As introduced, declares that a person who holds a valid medical marijuana patient identification card issued by another state does not commit an offense in this state if the person possesses, or distributes to another cardholder, marijuana not in excess of one-half ounce.
SB0260 – Senator Sara Kyle (D)
HB0234– Representative Gloria Johnson (D)

Definition Update
As introduced, updates the definition of “marijuana” for purposes of taxation on unauthorized substances to match the definition of “marijuana” as it applies to criminal offenses
SB0257 – Senator Sara Kyle (D)
HB1197 – Representative Larry J. Miller (D)

As introduced, enacts the “Tennessee Medical Cannabis
SB0486 – Senator Janice Bowling (R)
HB0637 – Representative Ron Travis (R)

TRUMP Act (Not introduced yet)

TN Recreational Bill (Not introduced yet)