What I did to get 3 pages reactivated!

Hey Everyone,

I thoroughly have enjoyed talking to the many small business owners affected by Facebooks attack on your industry. But between all the tags, messages, and phone calls it is very time-consuming so I have decided to write a little instruction manual on how to get your page back.

I manage 3 social media pages. One for NORML Memphis, one for Rush Hemp Farms, and one for the hemp dispensary in Collierville that I am the general manager of, Modern Hemp . One day I awoke to a message on Rush Hemp Farms page stating that it was unpublished for the sell of pharmaceuticals.

Just like most, I was baffled. I write an appeal stating how President Trump signed the farm bill and how that it was legal through our Hemp Pilot Program ran by the Department of Agriculture. After a little bit, I received a generic automated reply. Then a couple days later NORML Memphis and Modern Hemp Inc got flagged back to back. So I did what any cannabis user would do and got really paranoid.

Then word about others getting shut down slowly reached me and realized what it was, a methodical shutdown and censorship of the industry by facebook.

After losing multiple appeals, I wrote an article and shared it.

Facebook Shutting Down Legal Hemp and CBD Companies, NORML Memphis down too

The news picked it up.

Before the interview, WMC Action News 5 reporter, Christopher Douglas reached out to Facebook on the media only email. We even joked about how we didn’t expect a response. We completed the interview and while the reporter was in the van finishing up the story Facebook responded.

They asked for the 3 addresses of the pages.

We gave them




The next day the reported received a response stating that the pages were removed by MISTAKE and were republished.


1.  Write a blog post to your website and share it with every page you can think of.

2. Reach out to a television station or newspaper, anyone that will help. Email them your story and link, also I recommend emailing them the links below to show them that it can be done. In return, they get 2 stories and a win.



3. The media email is press@facebook.com  (Updated email press@fb.com)

4. Don’t give up hope. I created 3 new pages before ours were republished.

I hope to see all yall at the first annual Mid South Hemp Fest this 4/20. Don’t miss out on the biggest Hemp Fest in the area and get your booth space today!

Good Luck,


UPDATED January 4, 2019:

This guide has been proven to work!