We would like to announce our newest board member, Sonny Linn. Sonny is coming on board as the Director of Communications.

Sonny has been involved in cultivating, caregiving, and activism within the medical cannabis community since 2008. Starting in Santa Cruz, California with an MMJ card for himself to treat mood-related disorders and chronic pain, Sonny has been a proponent for FULLY LEGAL CANNABIS for well over a decade.

Being native to Tennessee and going to Santa Cruz twice a year to visit his father for the past 20 years, He has first-hand seen how laws can change in a positive way and wants to help do the same for Tennesseans.

“Many of my family members are suffering from ailments that I know cannabis can help them and they have been reluctant simply because of the law. I’d like to help change that. Many of my family members are now trying Hemp/CBD products and seeing positive results. These results will only get better with less restrictions on THC levels. I am on board for testing of chemicals or any impurities of final products but believe no one should be able to tell someone else what they can or cannot put into their own body.”

If you would like to be part of our growing board, contact us.