You may have noticed that a couple of marijuana bills have hit and that once again our state legislators will be debating the issue. We have Senator Yarbro’s bill that justifies marijuana usage if you have one of the numerous listed medical conditions. We also have Representative Faison’s highly anticipated Medical Cannabis Only Act, which allows oils, edibles, and shatter but no flowers.

The Tennesseean, a Nashville newspaper, wrote about the MCOA in their article yesterday, and while it was a good article overall one thing stuck out. The author Joel Ebert stated only 47% of Tennesseans approved medical marijuana using the May 2017 Vanderbilt Poll.

When the poll originally came out other news sources stated the information correctly that it’s actually closer to 80% of Tennesseans approve medical marijuana.

While the poll is a little confusing it becomes clear once you look at all the data.

Question 23 of the poll asks “Which comes closer to your view about the use of marijuana by adults?”

There are only 3 responses allowed

31% – It should be legal for personal use

47% – Is Should be legal only for medicinal use

21% – It should not be legal


With only 21% saying it should be illegal that leaves 79% of Tennesseeans in favor of marijuana reform.

Even the more conservative poll done the very same year by the uber-conservative group, Tennesseans for Conservative Action show 52% of Republicans were in favor with 31% in opposition and 13% needed more info.

We emailed the author and presented the facts and he maintains only 47% are in favor of medical marijuana. That seems low to me.


Don’t be fooled, more Tennessean’s  support it than you are being made aware of.


Call your legislator today and tell them to support these bills!

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January 19th, 2018|